The application of graphitized recarburizing agents in steel mills


The application of graphitized recarburizing agents in steel mills is primarily used to increase the carbon content during the steelmaking process, meeting the carbon requirements for specific steel grades. The detailed introduction is as follows:

1. Definition and Classification of Recarburizing Agents

   - Definition: Recarburizing agents are carbon-containing materials added to compensate for the carbon loss during steel melting, effectively enhancing the carbon content in molten iron to ensure the final product meets expected performance requirements.

   - Classification: Based on raw materials, recarburizing agents can be categorized into wood-based, coal-based, coke-based, and graphite-based types. Among them, graphitized recarburizing agents are widely used in the production of high-quality steel due to their high fixed carbon content and low impurity levels.

2. Characteristics of Graphitized Recarburizing Agents

   - High Fixed Carbon Content: Graphitized recarburizing agents contain a high level of fixed carbon, which significantly increases the carbon content and strength of steel.

   - Low Ash and Sulfur Content: These characteristics help reduce the content of impurities and the formation of oxides in steel, thereby improving its quality.

   - Reduction of Impurities: The graphitization process can reduce the impurity content in recarburizing agents, further enhancing their effectiveness.

3. Application Methods

   - Electric Furnace Melting Feeding Method: Recarburizing agents should be added along with scrap steel and other furnace materials, and small doses can be directly placed on the surface of molten iron to avoid excessive oxidation that could diminish the recarburizing effect.

   - Determination of Addition Amount: The amount of recarburizing agent added should be determined based on the mix and carbon content of other raw materials to ensure the quality of steel products.

   - Choice of Type: For different types of cast iron, select different models of recarburizing agents according to needs to reduce the production cost of castings.

4. Role in the Steel Metallurgy Industry

   - Improving Steel Quality and Performance: As a carbon additive in the steel melting process, graphitized recarburizing agents effectively enhance the quality and performance of steel.

   - Protecting the Surface of Castings: As a covering agent during casting, it can protect the surface of castings from oxidation and nitridation.

   - Reducing Casting Costs: Proper selection of recarburizing agents can reduce the use of pig iron or eliminate it altogether, thus lowering the production cost of castings.

5. Market Competition and Development Trends

   - Industry Competition: Despite the intense market competition in China's graphite recarburizing agent industry, the demand for high-quality graphite recarburizing agents is gradually increasing, pointing to a direction for enterprises to adjust their product structures.


In addition to the above content, the following issues should be noted in the application of graphitized recarburizing agents:

- Quality Standards: When using, refer to relevant national and industry standards, such as YB/T 4403-2014 "Graphitized Recarburizing Agents," to ensure product quality meets requirements.

- Detection Methods: Master the correct detection methods, including appearance, particle size composition, fixed carbon content, ash content, moisture content, sulfur content, etc., to ensure the effectiveness of recarburizing agents.

- Environmental Policies: With the increasingly stringent environmental policies, enterprises need to pay attention to compliance with environmental requirements during production to avoid policy impacts.

In summary, the application of graphitized recarburizing agents in steel mills is crucial for improving the quality and performance of steel products. Proper selection and use of recarburizing agents can not only effectively increase the carbon content of steel but also reduce production costs and enhance enterprise competitiveness. Meanwhile, with the changes in market demand and the implementation of environmental policies, enterprises should continuously optimize production processes and improve product quality to adapt to market development needs.


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