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Zibo Jiyao Carbonized Products Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is located in Zibo, Shandong, the former capital of Qi, with a registered capital of 20 million yuan. Our company now has a complete one-stop industrial chain of production, scheduling, sales and after-sales service. 

Jiyao focuses on calcined coke, petroleum coke, anode carbon block, and carbon raiser,with annual operating products 600000 tons, and monthly self-used petroleum coke 50000 tons. In 2016, we established our own production base by cooperation with domestic central enterprises and some local enterprises. We purchase petroleum coke to produce calcined coke and anode carbon blocks, selling to various branches of domestic central enterprises and carbon companies of Non-ferrous industry. Due to the rapid development of domestic negative electrode production recent years, we are expanding new projects, and some new carbon products have been sold to various negative electrode manufacturers and steel mills. 

Since 2019, Jiyao has cooperated deeply with domestic carbon bases to produce anode carbon blocks for aluminum, selling them to Weiqiao group and other domestic central enterprises. Now we cooperate with Weiqiao group, Nanshan Group and Chinalco in depth to expand the market. 

All factories and workshops of our company are equipped with advanced production equipment and control systems, including automatic temperature control system, automatic material preparation system, online monitoring, weighing, packaging, crushing and screening, etc. Our product quality is stable, and materials with specific indicators can be produced according to customers’ requirements. Also the quality meets the industrial detection standards, which has been highly approved by customers at home and abroad. 

From December 2019, we started export business and successively sold products to Middle East, Europe and other areas. The monthly export volume of calcined coke is up to 5000 tons and anode carbon blocks 3000 tons. Both indicators and quality have been recognized by overseas customers. 

In March 2020, Jiyao signed a letter of intent for strategic cooperation with a large domestic anode production plant. To ensure the production stability and sustainability of downstream products,we maintain close cooperation with local refineries, including Jingbo Chemical and Shangneng Petrochemical. Also we signed  long-term cooperation agreements with domestic import traders in order to keep the continuity of material production and price stability. 

In April 2023, our company successfully registered the Jiyao(“吉曜”) trademark, marking that we have achieved fruitful results in our own brand building.

 Zibo Jiyao will keep growing with carbon industry all the way, and strive to create a loud carbon brand for ourself! 


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