Our Team

We have been fortunate to have a great team throughout Jiyao’s development. Our leaders strategize and our employees forge ahead. We make common commitments, share responsibilities and make common decisions; We focus not only on individual goals, but also on the value-added effect of teamwork. We learn and challenge each other, share the joy of success and growth together!

Words from Chairman

Over the past 12 years, we have worked hard and made steady progress. All the staff work hard and conscientiously to advance together towards the common goal, and have made great achievements today. We shoulder the heavy responsibility of the group and the livelihood of the staff. In the future, we will continue to unite and cooperate, strive to develop, provide customers with better products and services, and create a better life for Jiyao people.

  • Words from Finance department

    In the finance department, cooperation is very important. To carry out the work smoothly,financial personnel must precisely coordinate with each other. For example, in the management of tax records, cost records, and annual reports, we must control details together. At the same time, we should build a learning team. Only by continuous learning can we cultivate talents and promote the development of the company.

  • Words from Sales department

    The sales department is a very core department of the enterprise, but it also needs the close cooperation of other departments. Under the coordination of company leaders and colleagues, we insist on providing customers with high quality products and service solutions. We have been fortunate to grow with our company and our clients along the way.

  • Words from Production department

    The product quality determines the company’s future development. We will strictly control each production process, guarantee the quality and quantity of products delivered to customers. We are willing to use our own sweat and wisdom to create higher quality products and services for clients,to contribute for the development of the company.


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