The difference between petroleum coke and high purity graphite


High-purity graphite and petroleum coke differ in terms of purity, preparation methods, physical properties, and applications. Here is a detailed analysis:

1. Purity: High-purity graphite has a carbon content of greater than 99.9%, making it an extremely pure graphite material. Petroleum coke, although also a carbonaceous material, usually has a lower carbon purity than high-purity graphite and contains more impurities, such as sulfur and metal compounds.

2. Preparation Methods: The production of high-purity graphite involves selecting carbon-rich raw materials, such as petroleum coke and pitch coke, subjecting them to calcining and acid washing to remove impurities, followed by high-temperature treatment and purification to obtain high-purity graphite. Petroleum coke is produced by the pyrolysis and coking of vacuum residue from petroleum at a specific temperature, resulting in a black solid coke.

3. Physical Properties: Due to its high purity, high-purity graphite has better physical properties, such as low electrical resistivity and high true density, which makes it widely used in electronics, aviation, automotive, and other fields. Petroleum coke has its own unique physical, chemical, and mechanical properties, such as porosity and density, which make it useful in the manufacture of graphite electrodes and other applications.

4. Applications: High-purity graphite is often used to manufacture electrodes, furnace linings, and components for high-temperature thermal equipment due to its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. Petroleum coke is primarily used to produce graphite electrodes, as fuel, and as a chemical raw material.

In summary, high-purity graphite and petroleum coke have significant differences in terms of purity and preparation methods. High-purity graphite, with its superior physical properties, plays an irreplaceable role in high-end industrial fields, while petroleum coke serves as an important carbonaceous raw material in industrial production.



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