Production process of carbon cored wire


1. Raw Material Selection: The production of carbon cored wire requires the choice of appropriate carbon materials, commonly including calcined coal, calcined petroleum coke, and graphitized petroleum coke, etc. The selection of these materials directly affects the quality and cost of the final product.

2. Steel Strip Preparation: The steel strip is the outer casing that wraps the carbon powder. Its role is to ensure that the carbon powder does not leak during transportation and usage. The quality of the steel strip and the firmness of its packaging are crucial to product quality.

3. Carbon Powder Filling: The selected carbon material is evenly filled into the steel strip, ensuring consistent density and the exclusion of air to prevent problems like spillage or leakage in subsequent processing.

4. Sealing and Packaging: The finished carbon cored wire must undergo waterproof plastic packaging and steel frame packaging to ensure stability and safety during transport and storage.

5. Quality Inspection: The finished product must pass strict quality control checks, including standards such as an absorption rate greater than 90% and a moisture content of less than 0.5%, to ensure the product's efficacy and stability.

6. Wire Feeding Equipment Application: Conventional wire feeding equipment is used for operation. By using wire feeding technology to add it to molten steel, fine-tuning of the carbon content in the molten steel can be achieved, thereby controlling the carbon content of the molten steel.

In addition, with the development of technology, high-speed production equipment with a high degree of automation is becoming a trend, which helps to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

In summary, the production process of carbon cored wire is a systematic and complex procedure, involving multiple aspects such as material science, mechanical engineering, and quality control.

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